Frequently Asked Questions

When can I start doing PLAYssage with my baby? What age is too old for PLAYssage?

You can do PLAYssage with your baby from birth! The key is to introduce massage at your baby's pace and comfort level. PLAYssage™ Online consists of 100 lessons, each less than 5 minutes, to allow you and your baby to easily establish a daily routine and introduce massage at a pace that works for you. PLAYssage is a richly beneficial activity for children of all ages and for adults who want to play along, too!

Is there a massage that's best for bedtime or for helping my baby sleep?

Daily massage has been shown to increase the nighttime production of melatonin in infants regardless of what time of day the massage is performed. This means you do not have to massage you baby at night to receive sleep-related benefits, although massage before bed can certainly help your baby to relax into a peaceful state. PLAYssage™ includes several routines--particularly those for the legs, face, and back--that combine long, fluid strokes with soft melodies that are perfect for bedtime!

Is there a massage that's best for my constipated or colicky baby?

Yes! A PLAYssage™ Online subscription gives you immediate access to The Stinkbug Rub™, a compilation of the 7 best massage techniques to soothe the tummy and move gas or stool where they're supposed to go: OUT! The Stinkbug Rub™ is invaluable for families and is just as effective on older children and adults, as well!

When is the best time to massage my baby?

The best time for massage is any time that both you and your child are awake, calm, and engaged. Remember to wait 20-30 minutes after a meal to massage.

What oil is best for massaging my baby?

Try to use organic, cold-pressed nut and seed oils for infant massage because they are the safest to apply topically and should be harmless if ingested.  Coconut oil and sweet almond oil are particularly well-regarded. When trying a new oil, always perform a small patch test on your baby's skin and wait at least a few hours for an allergic response (agitation, redness, or irritation) before applying the oil to the entire body.

Can I purchase a PLAYssage™ Online subscription as a gift?

In the Store, check the box PLAYssage Online "For a Friend." You will be asked to type the name, email address, a note to the recipient, and the delivery date. Gift cards are available in 3 tiers: $30, $50, and $100. After payment has been processed, an email confirmation will be sent to your email address, and a certificate with a gift code will be emailed to the recipient. The gift card amount may be used towards any item in the Rub-a-bug Store. Your personal information will not be saved under the recipient's profile.

Can I buy the PLAYssage™ book and DVD?

The book and DVD will be available for purchase in 2023. Unfortunately, due to a significant rise in the costs of printing and shipping, distrubution of these items has been delayed. In the meantime, you can find other items for sale in our Store.

Why are the subscription plans set to auto-renew?

PLAYssage™ Online subscription plans default to auto-renew in order to provide the best user experience and ensure continued access to a variety of personalized features that are only available to users during the subscription period. Life with a baby is busy and unpredictable, and families may need more time to learn PLAYssage™ than they had originally planned, which is why Rub-a-bug offers auto-renewal at a significant discount ($14.99/month). This discount is only available upon the renewal of an existing subscription plan and does not apply to the re-institution of a closed account. Before you are billed, you will receive a renewal notification via email weeks prior to the renewal date. The option to cancel auto-renew will be located in your account profile.

How do I cancel my PLAYssage™ Online subscription?

You may cancel your subscription anytime by canceling the auto-renew feature in your membership profile. If you opt to turn the auto-renew feature off, you will retain access to PLAYssage™ Online through the remainder of the current subscription period, after which you will lose access to all PLAYssage™ Online content on the renewal date indicated. If you leave your subscription profile set to "auto-renew", your PLAYssage™ Online subscription will renew monthly at a discounted rate of 14.99/month.

Is my membership information kept safe?

All of your personal information on PLAYssage™ Online is safe and encrypted, and it will never be sold to a third party.Our payments are processed by Stripe, which has the most stringent data security certification available in the payment processing industry, and any credit card information you provide is only saved on Stripe's platform.

How long will it take to complete all 75 lessons of PLAYssage™ Online?

Most lessons are intended to take 3-5 minutes to complete, with the exception of stroke reviews and Massage-along videos incorporated throughout the program. If your baby is easily overstimulated, you might need to take more time to ease them into the introductory massage experience. Going through all the lessons could take families anywhere from 1-3 months, or even a year for families with extra needs, multiple children, busy schedules, or a preference for reviewing the materials regularly. PLAYssage™ Online subscriptions can be purchased for 1 month, 3 months, and 1 year terms to accommodate varying needs.

Are Rub-a-bug and PLAYssage™ the same thing?

Rub-a-bug LLC offers products that promote joyful massage for children and families. PLAYssage™ is an infant massage program produced and distributed by Rub-a-bug LLC.

Who created PLAYssage™? How do I know it's safe for my baby?

PLAYssage™ was created by Melissa Bohn, a Certified Infant Massage Instructor (CIMI), Massage Therapist, and mother of 4. Melissa has worked in the field of massage therapy for since 2002, and she created PLAYssage™ because she wanted massage time in her own home to be more playful, musical, and engaging than standard infant massage. Scores of parents have performed PLAYssage™ on their babies and given it rave reviews. PLAYssage materials have carefully explain proper technique, methods, and pressure. Appropriate warnings and contraindications are also outlined in the PLAYssage™ materials. If you have any concerns about massaging your baby, please contact your pediatrician.

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