Massage your baby for healthy development.

Play with your baby for joyful learning.

PLAYssage with your baby for the best start to life.

PLAYssage™ is the most fun and comprehensive infant massage course designed for in-home learning.

Welcome to a new and joyful way to connect with your little bug!

By incorporating elements of Play and Massage into one activity, the PLAYssage™ routine promotes brain development, socialization, growth, better sleep, and physical health – and that’s just for babies!

Parents who have done PLAYssage with their babies have experienced deeper connections, more rest, and a new skill set to know “just what to do” when their baby cries.

Of course, there is also the added benefit of helping your baby to sleep better and move along painful gas (we call that a “Stinkbug” around here – and these tools will help!).

PLAYssage™ is the perfect addition to any home and the perfect way to welcome home your new addition!

A Massage Program Designed with PLAYful Parents in Mind


Download the Rub-a-bug PLAYssage app on iOS to access videos, music, and comprehensive instructions. You can also follow the step-by-step instructions in the recently published Field Guide (included in the PLAYssage Learning Kit).


The Rub-a-bug songs were created to deeply enhance the benefits of each massage and increase the building of neural connections. Don’t be shy, your baby loves the sound of your voice!


Whether you have 5 minutes or 30 minutes, PLAYssage™ will fit into your daily routine.


Enjoy your time together by letting go of perfection to create a connection. Soak it all in. Time may fly, but this time is all yours.

Benefits of PLAYssage™

PLAYssage™ is one of the best activities you can do with your baby to promote healthy development

Improved Digestion

Reduced Stress for Parent and Baby

Regulated Sleep Patterns

Healthy Social and Language Development

Improved Muscle Tone

Deeper Family Bonds

PLAYssage™ incorporates original music to guide you throughout your massage time.

Lyrical cues, called “Buzzwords”, make massage techniques easier to learn and to perform in sequence. Following a tempo and singing to your baby keeps them engaged — thus encouraging more eye contact and neural stimulation. The best part is, no musical background is necessary. If you can sing the ABCs, you can do PLAYssage!

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As a gift, you’ll receive a FREE Belly Guide – a full-color pdf demonstrating six massage techniques for the belly. Do you have a stinkbug in your family? Does your little (or big!) bug need help moving things along? The Belly Guide will help! Sign up below to receive your FREE Belly Guide exclusively for email subscribers!

The program is helping me feel like I am helping him, has given me a tool to comfort him, and really helps with his tummy aches… I think it is what is keeping him regular, it may have helped him grow, and it definitely helps with gas and fussiness. He just likes it. He gets a big smile when I sing. It is so cute!”


Mommy to Baby W

I always look forward to massage time because I have already claimed those precious moments as ours. They grow so fast that those moments should not be wasted. Rub-a-bug [PLAYssage] has given me so much connection and closeness with my princess. I will definitely recommend this program. It’s Great!”


Mommy to baby C